New website is live!

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For a while now I’ve been wanting to move my website away from is a nice simple little blogging platform, but it didn’t do some things I really wanted. Things like RSS only posts, and having more control over the final page.

I decided to get set up on, made an account, connected my domain (I do not like how wants to connect to a domain), made my site, and all was good. Except they never generated the SSL cert. It was still pending after 12 hours. I gave up at that point, screw it, I yelled. I nuked my hosting subscription with then (yes they are giving me a full refund), and started reading documentation from linode.

In my cybersecurity classes, we did a fair bit of work with azure. Cloud security is important but the main thing I learned, was that azure cloud sucked. During that class I started playing with linode, and yeah, It’s way easer to work with. After reading the documentation, and configuring a few things. My new site is running on a Debian VM. And unlike, my SSL cert was automatically generated before WordPress finished installing.