Remaking my website

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This post is part of my 52 Weeks to Unload series.

My blog used to be hosted on is a nice, simple little blogging site. Simple, too simple. Simple to the point of being complicated. The new post editor was just a blank markdown editor. There was also very little control on how you site looked. It’s very basic, and if that’s what you want, go for it. I wanted more though.

The main features I wanted were, RSS only posts (posts that only show up in the RSS feed), and scheduled posts. didn’t offer either of those. So I turned my eyes to WordPress.

I started with, because I did feel like self hosting WP. After chucking some money at them, building my site, and connecting my domain, I was just waiting for them to generate my SSL cert… They never did. It just sat there saying “SSL pending, this can take a few hours”… After 12+ hours, I started reading how to self host WP.

This website is pretty much the same as what one I made on, but it’s not running on I ended up going with linode. Here’s what I wrote in an RSS only post

In my cybersecurity classes, we did a fair bit of work with azure. Cloud security is important but the main thing I learned, was that azure cloud sucked. During that class I started playing with linode, and yeah, It’s way easer to work with. After reading the documentation, and configuring afew things. My new site is running on a Debian VM. And unlike, my SSL cert was automatically generated before WordPress finished installing.

And yes, is giving me a full refund.

In other news, I have been hired as a cybersecurity TA. That should starting in a few weeks.

RSS Stuff

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