The “new” Twitter | My Thoughts

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It’s been a little bit since Elon Musk has purchased Twitter.

So far he a has proposed a number of changes, and has done a far bit of rearrangement behind the scenes. At the time of this post, none of his proposed changes have been implemented on the site.

A lot of users have made the move to mastodon, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s cool to see this neat project grow. I’ve been on Mastodon for a few years now, and have found some cool people. I hope Mastodon continues to grow (Just not too quickly). My opinion on Twitter on the other hand… Is that it’s too early to form an opinion. I still have a Twitter profile, and I don’t have any plans to delete it. Twitter is where I keep a professional profile of myself, and post Cybersecurity findings (After responsible disclosure of course (if needed)). Mastodon is where I hang.